Top 3 Mistakes Business Owners Make In Branding

Top 3 Mistakes Business Owners Make In Branding

I found out that lots of business owners tend to get confused with what the term “branding” means. Developing a successful brand requires time, dedication, effort and planning. Contrary to some beliefs, it isn’t just about pretty logos and business cards.

I see it time and time again - many screw up their branding in the beginning and quickly sabotage their business. These are costly mistakes that can be avoided. In this post, we share three common mistakes most business owners use while branding.

1. Branding Without A Purpose

In order to build a successful brand, you must ask yourself these questions: What is my purpose? Who am I marketing to? What message am I trying to convey? Once you’re able to properly answer those questions, then you may begin centering your brand around it. Creating and building a brand without a purpose can not only lead to confusion from your audience, but inconsistency from yourself as a business owner.

2. Branding Inconsistently 

This has to be the most common mistake made thus far. Re-Branding and Inconsistent Branding are two entirely different things. Re-Branding is done during signs of aging or changes within your brand. However, branding inconsistently is when changes are made entirely too often. This can vary from changing your brand logo every month, drastic color changes, or not even properly following brand guidelines. If these changes are constantly made, it will become extremely difficult to gain your customer's trust.

3. Not building Up To Your Brand Promises

Your word is your bond. It is important to keep your customers happy and pleased at all times. Making a promise and then breaking it leaves a huge scar on the relationship you have with your customer. Once the scar is there, it's there. And once that reputation is lost, people tend to hold grudges and its hard to win them over. 

We live in a world where social media where customers are not afraid to speak their minds, even if it's over something as small as delayed shipping. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertisement. If there are customers ranting about how bad business is, people will believe them and your business will be affected by it. 

Is there anything about your brand that you think could use improvement. Feel free to comment below. 

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